Our Story
In 1958, a group of children with disabilities were refused the opportunity to attend public school. As a means to support their children, parents established the Utah Valley Care and Training Center in 1960 to provide opportunities for disabled children in Utah county. In the 1970's, when the federal government mandated all school districts to provide an education for children with disabilities, the Center became a resource for social and recreational opportunities and became Recreation and Habilitation Services (RAH). 

Today, RAH continues operating as a private, not-for-profit organization and remains a haven for individuals with disabilities.

Our Purpose

  • WE BELIEVE individuals who have disabilities are entitles to the same rights and privileges as every other human being.
  • WE RESPECT and support families who care for loved ones with an intellectual disability.
  • WE UNDERSTAND that although most intellectual disabilities can not be cured, the people we work with do not need to be fixed; they are not broken.
  • WE KNOW that many individuals' lives can be improved greatly with a small amount of services and supports.
  • WE CHOOSE to make life better for individuals and families by providing meaningful programs, classes, and activities targeted specifically to meet their needs.
    RAH is funded solely through community support. We are not funded by, or affiliated with, state or federal governments.

    Support to keep our programs running comes from foundations, grants, private donations, fundraising, and donation of goods and services. Our members and families also contribute to the program through membership dues and program fees
    Supporters of RAH Include:
    United Way of Utah County
    Provo City
    Orem City
    Intermountain Healthcare
    Community Action
    BYU Y-Serve Association
    Kiwanis Club of Utah County